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Q: Is your Technical Support in the UK ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Yes. Our Technical Support is located in London, UK and our technical ticketing support is 24/7.

Q: My business is not a beauty Clinic or hairdressing Clinic but I still want to use ClinicSoftware, is this possible ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Yes. Absolutely. Although ClinicSoftware has been designed for Clinical and Beauty industry, it can still be used to run any business that is appointment based, for example Make-up Artists, Wellness centres, Yoga Studios, Tanning Salons, Medical Spas, Box Training, Dance, Fitness, Pilates, Martial Arts, Sports Performance, Physical Therapy, Health Club, Permanent Make-up and many more.

Q: Why Choose Complete Clinic Software from ClinicSoftware ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Discover what makes us the best. ClinicSoftware suits new Clinic s, medium to large Clinic s which are ready to start and move to the next level of the most professional business management for Hair and Beauty Industry. When you choose ClinicSoftware complete Clinic booking software you don’t just get our most up-to-date software. We provide built in Day Book Appointments Agenda, POS, Products Stock System, Customers Management System, Text Messaging Marketing, Online Marketing, Staff Rota, Online Booking, and more than 60+ great features to manage your business at a professional level. For all great features please check our features page in the main menu.

Q: Why is ClinicSoftware better than other Clinic software ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Many reasons: Over 10 years of experience in building software products based on customer satisfaction has enabled us to develop the most complete up-to-date software from the Hair and Beauty Industry. 
Full support and seamless integration for PCs, Windows, Mac, Laptop, Tablet with a fully-responsive online booking add-on for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone. In the cloud. Everything works together in real time at anytime from anywhere. Plus a lot of great features. No problems, No hassle, No more time wasting. Just benefits. Also the very best technical support.

Q: Who is ClinicSoftware for ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: For Salon Owners upgrading from older systems a large number of Clinic s are already computerized. Technology changes, those systems that were good five years ago are very old in today’s terms and will be extinct soon! The In Cloud New technology is a must to keep the competitive advantage. It is time for change and to see what the latest technology has to offer for your business. Often this will be at lower cost than continuing with legacy systems. 
For You if you are opening new business in the Beauty and Hair Industry for the first time it can be a exciting time. Getting the right software can make all the difference between success and failure. ClinicSoftware will streamline your Clinic business as it grows.

For Large Businesses with more branches. Whether you operate few Clinic s or are just planning your second branch of your Clinic . ClinicSoftware software is the system designed with all-in-one-built group functionality from the first step. What were difficult or time consuming tasks with your existing systems are no longer difficult, now you will save your time. 
For Salon Owners taking the first steps into technology. You can get up and running, in no time the software will be saving you time, and helping you manage your business very efficiently generating profit and more customers. 
For you if you run any business that is appointment based, for example Beauty Clinic , Hair Salon, Spa, Aesthetic Clinic, Make-up Artists, Wellness centres, Yoga Studios, Tanning Salons, Medical Spas, Box Training, Dance, Fitness, Pilates, Martial Arts, Sports Performance, Physical Therapy, Health Club, Permanent Make-up and many more.

Q: What is Remote Access ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Remote access is the ability to get access to your software from a remote distance. In corporations, people at branch offices, telecommuters, and people who are travelling may need access to their business. With this feature you have access from your office, from your home and even from holiday.


Q: Can I record retail sales in ClinicSoftware ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Yes. The ability to record retail sales is available in ClinicSoftware.

Q: How do I change the email address that I registered with ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: We take security seriously at ClinicSoftware, so the email address will need to be changed by one of our support technicians. Please use the contact form and provide the details of the existing email address and the new email address required. Please note that your login password will remain the same.

Q: How can I use the Online Booking Feature/Add-on and add it to my website ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: If you purchased the Online Booking Add-on please contact our support team and they will provide you all details and your unique link to start taking online appointments from your customers. It takes only two hours to set up this add-on.

Q: How can I try out the online booking add-on before adding it to my website ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Once you have a license of our software you can try the online booking add-on at any moment. To try out the online booking add-on, add yourself as a client within ClinicSoftware ensuring that you enter your email address on the client record, then send an email at our support technicians and we will send you the direct link for your online booking add-on.

Q: I want to expand my business, can I add more staff members ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Yes. Absolutely. You want more customers and therefore more staff, that’s why our specific software does not have a limit on the number of customers and staff you can enter, also all our great features and all reporting capabilities.

Q: I will work fewer hours, I will save time using this software ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Yes. With our software you’ll save huge amounts of time and effort, and be able to keep an eye on the direction and profitability of the Clinic without having to be there all the time, from your home, from your holiday or even from another country. Your employee will be able to do some of the jobs you would normally have to do, thanks to the features of the software.

Q: I have a computer already installed in my Clinic , can I use this computer or I have to buy another computer ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: If you have a computer in your Clinic you don’t have to buy a new computer. Yes, you can use your computer with our software.

Q: I would like to use this software as a POS (point of sale) and total management, is this possible ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Other Clinic software comes in two major categories, POS (point of sale) and “Total Management Software Control”, but our software is all in one solution with including the POS (point of sale) features from sales, appointment book, till, to a Total Management Control and your beauty Clinic should run more efficiently, profitably with all great features mentioned in the main menu.

Q. How will text messaging Addon help my business ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: By saving you time and money. Here is what a few users have already told us:

“Confirming our appointments by text message is so much easier and quicker than calling people. That took a lot of time, we didn’t always make all the calls and never got through to everybody. Some people didn’t appreciate the call as they were at work or busy. Using text messaging is much more discreet and we can confirm all of the next days appointments in a minute or two. Phoning would tie up the Clinic s phone line, take 2 or 3 hours and cost us more on our phone bill than we pay for text messaging.”

“Customers like receiving the reminders as sometimes they tell us they would have forgotten. Some call us back or text us back and rearrange which is better than not turning up as we can then offer a cancellation slot to people on our list.”

“If we have gaps in our bookings we send out texts to customers we haven’t seen for a while and offer them a promotional price just for the quiet times. It works well and we have to be careful not to send out too many texts so as not to disappoint customers when we’re 100% booked.”

“We text some customers to send us their feedback either by email or text to make sure they’re happy or if we could have done anything different or better for them.”

Q: What is the Difference Between the Editions of ClinicSoftware ? Edition Comparison ? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Our Clinic SoftwareEditions are for any Clinic and any budget.

Q: Curious about the ClinicSoftware? 
A: Support Clinic SoftwareUK: Good! Curiosity is a mark of intelligence! Read what our amazing uber genius members say about us on the reviews section and, once you’re convinced, check out our software editions.



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